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How to Order

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How to Purchase Firearms Online

  • Firearms will only ship to Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealers
  • Firearms will not be shipped directly to your house
  • You must be 18 or older to purchase long guns and 21 or older to purchase handguns and ammunition
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to check your local and state laws before purchasing
  • Be aware a background check will be conducted by your FFL
  • Find an FFL dealer near you that will accept the transfer for you usually for a nominal fee
  • Please add your FFL’s name and phone number in the comments section when you place your order
  • Please have your FFL fax or email a copy of their license and your name with order number (order will not be shipped until this info is received)

Contact info:

Jax Beach Firearms, LLC
Office: 904-853-6611
Fax: 904-241-0540

How to Buy an NFA Class 3 Item

To purchase an NFA Class 3 item (machine guns, suppressors, destructive devices, all other weapons…. AOW, short barreled rifle… SBR, short barreled shotgun…SBS) you must meet certain requirements (generally the same as any other firearm purchase), fill out an ATF ‘Form 4’, and pay a one-time transfer tax per item. The tax is $5 for AOW and $200 for all other items.

General Procedure

It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure the item you are purchasing is legal in your particular state. Laws vary from state to state. Make sure you can own it BEFORE you buy it.

  1. If buying online, find a local FFL dealer willing to accept the transfer and assist with filing the ATF Form 4 (allow at least 90 days for processing). FFL dealers will charge a fee for this service. We will need a copy of the dealers FFL/Class 3 SOT.
  2. Select your item from our online store or contact Jax Beach Firearms for a special order request. Payment must be made in full before transfer of any items.
  3. Jax Beach Firearms will then file ATF Form 3 to get approval to transfer the item to your local dealer (usually takes 2-3 weeks). Once the approval is received, we will ship your item and your local dealer will assist with the remainder of the process.

Special Considerations

One of the key components of ATF Form 4 is the REQUIRED signature of your local CLEO (chief law enforcement officer – sheriff, police chief, etc.). Sometimes this is impossible to get depending on your location. A viable option is to contact an attorney that specializes in gun trusts. Using the gun trust to transfer your item eliminates the need for a CLEO signature and generally speeds up the ATF Form 4 processing. It is a good idea to have the gun trust set up before your purchase. Please consult your attorney for the pros and cons of a gun trust.